Tempe AC Repair. Why I Need Expert Heating And AC Repair?

Your home's highly complex heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. While some of these components are more important than others, they all contribute to keeping your house at the right temperature.

Because of the complex nature of these systems, you may need to have your heating and cooling systems serviced. There are a handful of common reasons why HVAC systems break down. Tempe's own Rescue One Air would like to help you better understand common HVAC difficulties.


Help From Professional for Heating and A/C Service & Repair in Tempe

You are in charge of the indoor temperature thanks to the thermostat. Depending on the setting, this thermostat will tell the heater or air conditioner how much-conditioned air to produce. If your home is too warm or cold, it could be because of a malfunctioning thermostat.

Some thermostats have problems and need to be replaced. When the thermostat is out of whack, it can't pass information to the HVAC system.

You can change your thermostat, but if you need help, call Rescue One Air.


Air Conditioner Maintenance For Replacing Filters.

Air filters block dirt and debris from entering and leaving the ductwork. As a bonus, these filters will prevent dust from entering your home. If your air filters are dirty, you risk limiting airflow and reducing the effectiveness of your systems.

You should expect your utility costs to rise and your infrastructure under further strain. Air filters should be checked regularly and replaced at least once every six months. If they get dirty within a month, your ducting may be dusty. If this is the case, employ an HVAC technician to clean your ducts.

Not doing so may damage undue wear and tear on your system, resulting in component failure. Since duct cleaning is more cost-effective in the long run, it should be prioritized over HVAC repairs.


Tempe Air Conditioning Maintenance Helps If You've Neglected It

Lack of maintenance is one of the top reasons for HVAC repairs. Keeping your house at a comfortable temperature year-round requires a constant effort from your heating and cooling systems. So before summer arrives, ensure everything works correctly by inspecting your system for any damage.

This will prevent your air conditioner from working when you need it. Costly repairs can be avoided altogether with regular maintenance. Inspect your furnace in the fall. This will prevent the furnace from breaking down throughout the winter. Winter and summer are also the busiest seasons for HVAC specialists, so if your system breaks down, you may have time to find a repair service that can replace it fast.


HVAC Needs Repair With No Spark

The ignition system of a gas furnace lights the gas into a fire that warms the room. Probable cause of a non-working furnace: a burned-out pilot light. Rescue One Air in Tempe advises against doing a self-check of your pilot to light and instead calling a professional.

A gas leak is a potential danger to you and your family. However, dust accumulation on the pilot light can also prevent its inoperability.

The problem may have been avoided if the pilot light had been professionally cleaned on a more regular basis. Lastly, have a professional inspect the heating element in your electric furnace if it is not producing hot air.


Who To Call For Tempe Air Conditioning Service?

Repairs to the HVAC system are necessary because of these problems. Regular HVAC maintenance is essential to keep repair costs to a minimum. If you need help with your heating and cooling systems, Rescue One Air is here to help.

To be sure you get your AC fixed in the shortest possible time, Contact Rescue One Air to schedule maintenance or learn more about the best AC maintenance services in your home or office. You can complete the compact form below for a fast response.

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