Tempe AC Repair. Why Is My AC Squeaking So Much

Tempe AC Repair. Why Is My AC Squeaking So Much

Not all air conditioners are as quiet as others, which is especially true of older models. But you should be able to hear your air conditioner running, but it shouldn't make loud sounds like squeaking or squealing.

If your air conditioner is making loud or strange noises, it's usually a sign that something isn't working right, and you need to fix it. With this in mind, let's look at the most common AC problems that cause squealing noises and why you need an AC repair expert in Tempe to fix them.


Your AC Belt Is Worn or Misaligned

A damaged, worn-out, or misaligned belt may cause your AC to squeal. Older ACs are belt driven, while newer ones are direct-drive, and the belt connects the motor to the fan, so it spins when the motor runs.

If the blower fan belt is a problem, you'll hear squealing near the air handler and through the vents. If the AC compressor belt is broken, you'll only hear the noise outside or through the walls in nearby rooms.

Belts fray, stretch and wear out. In addition, summer heat and humidity can expand and misalign the belt, and when these problems occur, the belt squeals.

It would help if you replaced the belt. However, even if you can replace the belt yourself, it's best to have a Rescue One Air pro do it. This is especially true for the AC compressor belt, as damage could lead to costly repairs.


Bearings Need Oiling or Replacing

Direct-drive bearings replace belts in AC compressors, and worn bearings make a squealing noise like a worn belt. Bearings may be fine but not well-lubricated.

Most ACs have sealed bearings that never need oiling, but some do. Therefore, hire a professional AC technician to oil or replace the bearings, so you don't damage the compressor.


Other Noises Tempe AC Repair Check For

Other unusual sounds from your air conditioner may also show a problem. For example, the AC compressor rattling, buzzing, or humming can have many causes. The noise could mean the compressor fan motor is worn out or unbalanced. If the motor is worn, the compressor fan won't spin. This can cause the entire unit to vibrate and buzz.

Loose fan blades or other compressor parts can cause rattling or buzzing. Likewise, if the blower fan blades are loose or the air handler or blower fan isn't balanced, the same problem can occur inside.

Similarly, worn-out rubber "isolation feet" can make rattling or buzzing noises. Heat, cold, and moisture can crack or disintegrate rubber. Unbalanced, the unit vibrates and makes noise.

Sometimes air conditioners gurgle or bubble. The most common cause is a clogged or backed-up condensate drain line. Unclogging the drain line fixes this issue. However, if the drain is clogged, you may need help.

Open the air handler unit's drain pan to see if there is standing water. Next, pour some water into the drain pan to hear if it gurgles.

Refrigerant leaks can cause bubbling or gurgling sounds. An AC technician must seal the leak and add more refrigerant.


Tempe AC Repair. Why Is My AC Squeaking So Much

Expert AC Diagnostics and Repairs With Tempe AC Repair Experts

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We work on all makes and models of AC units, and our technicians have years of experience fixing any problems.

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