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Replace Failing Tempe AC Coils with Rescue One Air

Are your Tempe home's AC coils leaking refrigerant and causing efficiency issues? As vital heat-transfer components, worn evaporator and condenser coils undermine cooling capacity. Rescue One Air removes outdated coils and expertly installs new, correctly-sized models. Upgraded AC coils mean optimized performance, cost savings, and standards compliance. For skilled Tempe AC repair and coil replacement, rely on Rescue One Air.



If your Tempe, AZ, home's air conditioning isn't up to par, consider swapping out those old coils. In our arid environment, a fully functional AC isn't a luxury; it's a necessity.

You must bring in the experts when you've got coils past their prime. The skilled team at Rescue One Air will extract the outdated coils and install top-notch replacements.

This isn't just about repairing equipment; it's about renewing a sanctuary where families can find solace from the scorching heat.

Opting to refresh your AC coils is a move toward guaranteeing steadfast comfort and serenity for all under your roof.


Understanding AC Coil Functions

As you tweak the settings on your thermostat, remember it's the air conditioner coils doing the heavy lifting, adjusting your home's temperature to the right level of comfort. The unsung hero throws the captured heat from your indoor space out into the open air. As a seasoned air conditioning contractor, I can tell you that keeping these coils in tip-top shape is crucial. 

If you ignore them, you could see your energy bills skyrocket, and you'll call for air conditioning repair more often than you'd like.

It's wise to partner with a trusted company like Rescue One Air to keep your system humming and dodge those hefty repair costs. We'll provide regular maintenance and, when the time comes, expert air conditioning installation to ensure your unit is always running at peak performance.


Step-by-Step Replacement Guide

Before swapping out your AC coils, it's vital to grasp each step to ensure a seamless and effective repair.

At Rescue One Air, servicing the Tempe area, we start with a comprehensive evaluation of your HVAC system to pinpoint the issue. Should signs like depleted coolant levels or other faulty parts suggest your AC coils are to blame, our skilled service technicians will spring into action.

  1. First, they'll switch off your AC unit to ensure everyone's safety.
  2. Next, they disconnect and extract the worn coils from your air handlers, split systems, or heat pumps.
  3. After removing the old coils, they'll install the new ones, making sure they connect.
  4. To wrap up, they'll replenish the refrigerant, test the system, and carry out a last check to confirm your air conditioning is operating at peak efficiency.

With these steps, Rescue One Air helps keep your environment cool.


Sizing, Upgrades, and Codes Compliance

Selecting the right size AC coils is essential for maintaining peak efficiency and compliance with industry standards. If you're considering an enhancement to your system, conducting a detailed examination with a certified HVAC service is vital.

Rescue One Air, a prominent Tempe air conditioning specialist, will assess your existing heating system or heat pump to ensure the most compatible match.

Proper sizing enhances performance but also secures code adherence, protecting against potential hazards and energy waste. Rely on skilled technicians from Rescue One Air, who are experts in air conditioning and heating systems, to manage the intricacies of your setup.

They're committed to ensuring any improvements conform to the industry's rigorous regulations, delivering dependable and up-to-code HVAC solutions.



Use The Expert Technicians at Rescue One Air

Relax knowing your air conditioner's core functions again, whispering as it cools your space—a clear sign of technological mastery and dedicated service by Rescue One Air. Contact Rescue One Air to schedule any air conditioning maintenance. Or if you have other urgent needs or questions, drop us a line and complete the compact form below for a fast response.

Check customer reviews or browse the Rescue One Air video library to see air conditioning repair crews in action for further information.

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