Tempe HVAC Maintenance. Why & How To Maintain Furnace?

Tempe HVAC Maintenance. Why & How To Maintain Furnace?

My furnace isn't working as it should. What should I do? For furnace maintenance, it's easy to put it off until next year. However, heating systems can be repaired of year, even in the off-season. So, the weekend may be an excellent opportunity to get your Tempe furnace serviced.

Modern furnace designs are easy to maintain, and most of the work may be done by the owner. First, check to see if your heating and cooling systems are ready for the season in which they were installed.

Most of the heating system's annual maintenance should be performed by a Tempe HVAC maintenance technician.


Tempe AC Maintenance Dust and Vacuum Furnaces

Many homeowners fulfill these responsibilities, but this is not always the case. Heaters accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over the winter. This helps maintain the filter clean and prevents it from becoming clogged up with dust.

Use a standard vacuum with a thin nozzle attachment to remove any debris or dust accumulated around the device. After opening the furnace cover, remove the filter, vacuum all components within reach, and then clean the surrounding area with a damp cloth.

Vacuum all the air registers in the house once you've finished servicing the furnace. Furniture, draperies, and other obstructions to ventilation should be removed from all registers.


Tempe HVAC Maintenance. Why & How To Maintain Furnace?

Tempe AC Maintenance Replaces Intake Filters

An easy but crucial operation in heater maintenance is to change the filter. All of your home's indoor air is filtered during winter Clean; fresh air passes through the filter before the hot air sucks it in.

Recycled air in both cases provides an ideal environment for airborne pollutants to thrive. If the heater is constantly running, the filter should be replaced or cleaned once a month.

This is a common oversight, resulting in a clogged filter in most households. Ensure you have the correct MERV rating and filter size if you need to change a filter. Air particles are measured by the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV).

The filter's ability to capture particles improves in direct proportion to its rating. So don't go beyond the limit of 16 shown on your current filter. In hospitals, high-efficiency filters with a rating of twenty or more are used. Tempe AC Maintenance can assist you in selecting the best filter for your residence.

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