Tempe Same Day AC Repair. Call Rescue One Air After Checking

Tempe Same Day AC Repair. Call Rescue One Air After Checking

If your air conditioner breaks down in Tempe, you probably want to get in touch with a repair service as soon as possible.

There's always the option of calling service to check on your air conditioner, but you can do a few things to ensure everything is running smoothly before you do.

You can get a better idea of the problem by checking various components of the air conditioner and relaying this information to the AC service so they can better address the issue. It's possible you can fix your Tempe air conditioning problem alone, but calling in the professionals at Rescue One Air is your best bet.


Check for a dirty air filter, and use Tempe AC maintenance

Air conditioners need regular maintenance to prevent poor performance and uneven cooling. Check the condition of the filter before calling for an air conditioning service. Before fixing the AC, try replacing the filter to see if that helps.


Has Your Breaker Tripped?

While it may seem obvious, a flipped breaker switch is a likely culprit when your AC unit isn’t performing up to standard.

Before you call for AC service, it's worth peeking into your breaker panel to see if any of the switches need to be flipped. If the breakers continually trip, then something in your AC needs AC repair from Rescue One Air.


AC Maintenance Will Check AC Thermostat and Battery

If your home's thermostat is battery-operated, you might not notice that the battery has died until the temperature inside your home begins to rise.

Before you call for air conditioning repair, ensure the thermostat is in good working order and is set to the appropriate temperature.


Check The AC Isn’t Frozen

You might be surprised to learn that a frozen air conditioner is a common reason for service calls. However, if the unit is too big for the size of your home, it may produce too much cool air and have the opposite effect.

This problem occurs year-round, whether it's hot or cold outside, and you will need either an AC maintenance man or AC repair if something is causing the issue.


Get The Right Fix With Tempe AC Repair

If none of these seems to be the problem, it may be time to contact a Tempe air conditioning maintenance service.

Contact Rescue One Air to schedule Air conditioning maintenance or if you have other urgent needs, then complete the compact form below for a fast response.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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