Top 5 AC Repair Issues. Tempe Air AC Repair

Top 5 AC Repair Issues. Tempe Air AC Repair

Even if you aren't using your air conditioner as much now that fall has arrived, it's still possible for it to break down after a long summer. Your AC unit will also have another year of use. Don't take it wrong, but we have to be realistic about the fact that there is still potential for repairs.

Common problems that cause an air conditioner repair are discussed below. If you notice any of these issues, it's best to have them fixed by a professional in Tempe air conditioning repair as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to your system or any potential worsening of the current problems.


There was a blockage in the filters.

Being so fundamental, it's understandable that many neglect this. Please check the air filter once a month to avoid the hassle of having to fix a broken air conditioner because of a clogged filter. The filter must protect the air conditioner from debris and dust. In addition, the filter prevents foreign particles from entering the system, protecting the coils and other delicate parts from damage. Unfortunately, the filter can't deliver clean air once it's complete.


Refrigeration System Leak

A steady refrigerant flow transports hot and cold air throughout your HVAC system. Like blood, it's not something you're supposed to replace if you lose it. In a perfect world, your air conditioner would use the same amount of refrigerant for an extended period. Considering this potential hazard, repairing a refrigerant leak is a top priority. Over time, pinhole leaks can deplete refrigerant, throwing off the equilibrium and forcing your air conditioner to operate with less.


Frosted evaporator coils

The evaporator coils for your air conditioner are housed in the indoor unit. It would help if you had these to lower the temperature of the refrigerant that flows through your air conditioner. To be sure, a cold evaporator coil is an encouraging indicator. The only effect the ice will have is to keep the cool air inside your house from escaping. Evaporator coils freezing up is a sign of a refrigerant leak; thus, it's essential to investigate this.


The Problem of Contaminated Condenser Coils

An external unit houses the condenser coils. The condenser coil's opposite; it releases the heat it has gathered outside your home. Worst case scenario: this coil is caked with grime. Since heat cannot escape, it builds up inside. Such prolonged operation of the coil will eventually lead to an AC breakdown. If you have an outdoor unit, check it out because it can collect more dust and debris than an indoor one.


Top 5 AC Repair Issues. Tempe Air AC Repair

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Two, one for the outdoor unit and one for the indoor unit. You get two fans with your unit. They both remove the accumulated air surrounding the coils by blowing on them. To prevent dangerously high internal temperatures, the outdoor unit vents hot air into the atmosphere.

Your indoor fan brings in cool air to your living space. Overheating or freezing of the air around the coils might occur if one of these fans fails.

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