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We talked about the outside air conditioner not turning on; let’s focus on the inside unit now. Most of us have what’s known as a split air conditioner or a split heat pump.

A split air conditioner has an outdoor AC unit connected via pipes to an indoor coil & furnace. A split heat pump has an outdoor heat pump that provides heating and cooling. That unit is connected to an indoor air handler with a coil.

There are fewer components in the indoor unit than in the condenser. That said, there are a few that, if broken, would explain why your inside AC unit won’t turn on.

Here are the top reasons your inside AC won’t turn on and why you’ll need Tempe AC repair to help fix the problems.


Bad Indoor Fan Motor

This motor circulates conditioned air through the return, across the evaporative coil, and into the ductwork. The indoor fan may be faulty if your indoor AC unit won’t turn on and you don’t feel the air movement.

Faulty Capacitor

Many (not all) blower motors also use a capacitor the same way the outdoor fan and compressor do. Therefore, a failed or weak capacitor could cause your AC indoor unit not to run.

Dirty Coils or Filters

Dirty evaporator coils and plugged air filters will restrict airflow across the coil. If left unchecked season after season, this dirt will restrict air until the coil freezes over. In addition, lack of maintenance, pet hair, dust, and dander buildup can lead to plugged coils and further damage to equipment components.

Circuit Board Failure

Again, just as your outdoor unit uses PCBs, so do many indoor units. Circuit board failures are not uncommon as they often must combat their two biggest “killers,” heat and dust.

Refrigerant Leaks

Both indoor and outdoor coils can develop refrigerant leaks. Remember, the indoor and outdoor coils are connected via refrigerant lines. So no matter where the leak is located, inside or outside, low refrigerant can explain why your AC won’t turn on.


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