Top Reasons Outside AC Won't Work. Tempe AC Repair

Tempe AC Repair

It's hot outside, you turn on the thermostat, and nothing happens – the air conditioner won't turn on. Unfortunately, it happens to every household and business at some point.

The main difference between Rescue One Air and other homes is that we have technicians on staff who must repair air conditioners all around the region.

To help you get through the summer and avoid an AC unit that won't turn on, here are some of the more typical reasons you might need Tempe AC repair.


My Outside Air Conditioning Unit Won't Turn On

It may take a while to detect that your air unit isn't operating outside. Have you ever experienced something similar? You decrease the thermostat, as usual, hear the inside fan motor running, and go about your business.

After a while, you notice that your house isn't getting any cooler. It's becoming hotter! When you return to your thermostat, it's gone up a couple of degrees, but it still shows the air conditioner is on.

You go outside to check on the condenser, but it isn't running.


Condenser Fan Motor Faulty

The heat from your home is expelled outdoors by the condenser fan motor. This is accomplished by reducing heat from the refrigerant as it passes through the outside coil.

It also aids in the cooling of the compressor. The compressor will overheat if it cannot dissipate heat, preventing the condenser unit from running.


Capacitor Failure

A capacitor, often known as a voltage absorber, assists the linked component in the running without overheating. For example, your condenser fan motor and compressor may require a capacitor.

Because of the inverter technology, specific new compressors do not require a capacitor. As a result, your AC unit will most likely not turn on if your capacitor fails or is faulty. Unfortunately, it's also not uncommon for a malfunctioning capacitor to damage its linked components.


Compressor Faulty or Damaged

The compressor is the heart of your air conditioner. It's never nice to have a bad or faulty compressor. So, count your blessings if your technician says it's a bad capacitor or fan motor. You just saved money!


Faulty PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

Electronic circuit boards control the mechanical components in most modern air conditioners. Unfortunately, these boards grow in complexity every year; sadly, they are almost always irreparable.

We used to be able to return these boards to our businesses and have them repaired. Today, however, we live in a "disposable" society. As a result, even a little reason with a PCB can cause your air unit not to turn on.


Low Refrigerant Levels

The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner, and the refrigerant is the blood. The low-pressure switch is why your air unit won't turn on if your system is low on refrigerant. The low-pressure switch prevents the compressor from running when no refrigerant is present.


Tempe AC Repair

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