What Shouldn't I Do to My AC? Chandler AC Repair

What Shouldn't I Do to My AC? Your air conditioner is more than capable of standing on its own for temperatures and the elements—but when homeowners do something they shouldn't, an AC could be in trouble. That's why we constantly advise homeowners to call our team's professional members for any AC repair in Chandler, AZ.

Normally, we try to discuss things that homeowners should do for their air conditioners, such as changing air filters and clearing and cleaning air vents, but today we're going to try something different. We'd want to shine a light on several things that homeowners should never, ever do. This can help you understand why professional AC maintenance is so crucial.

From system warranties to fragile components, there's a lot on the line. Don't put your air conditioner's health in jeopardy by trying a DIY remedy. Contact the AC maintenance and repair pros in Chandler, AZ.


Leave Refrigerant Leaks to the Chandler AC Repair Experts

Consider the case where your air conditioner is hissing or bubbling. This usually means there's a refrigerant leak someplace in your air conditioner. You're mistaken if you think you can fix it with the help of a few handy DIY tips online. Refrigerant can be harmful to your eyes, nose, mouth, and skin, as well as to your lungs. Only trained professionals with the right equipment can treat it.

Not only is refrigerant harmful to work with for unskilled folks, but you'll probably do more harm than good. You can't merely cover your air conditioner's refrigerant line with duct tape and call it a day. These jobs need specific equipment and a trained eye to ensure that everything is done correctly. Call an AC repair expert rather than making things worse.


Don't Open Your Air Conditioner

That screeching is only a busted belt, yet it can still be tough to go in there and repair it. If you think it's easy, have you ever tried opening up your system to execute a targeted repair? There isn't a way. The moment you put your hands inside your air conditioner, a slew of red flags appear.

To begin with, you may void your system's warranty by trying to repair it yourself. Second, discovering the issue and resolving it with the right tools is a delicate procedure. If you touch something or bump a component that you shouldn't, you risk causing costly harm to the system, possibly even damaging it. Don't take this chance when there are professionals who specialize in this.

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