What’s Wrong With My AC? Tempe AC Maintenance Service

Tempe AC Maintenance Professionals

Without checking an AC system, it’s not possible to diagnose an issue. Any company that says they can are spinning the truth.

Without a closer inspection by a qualified Rescue One Air staff member, it’s nearly impossible to answer what’s wrong with your system.

The more you understand your system, the better off you’ll probably be with AC repair in Tempe. You’ll be aware of what is at risk, which factors are severely impacted, and how crucial it is that you contact us for expert assistance.

Continue reading as we discuss some common issues with air conditioners that arise in the sweltering summertime. Do not hesitate to call for the best Tempe AC maintenance service if you are confident that your air conditioner is having trouble.


Common Issues That Can Be Fixed With Tempe AC Maintenance Professionals

Most likely, your air conditioner is experiencing a simple cure for a common issue. But unfortunately, only occasionally does an air conditioner have a genuinely unique problem that necessitates considerable repair work. So, let’s look at some of the common issues we work with and see if we can’t give you a boost.


Obstructed air filter

An essential part of your air conditioner is the air filter. If it isn’t replaced every one to three months, it will become blocked and restrict your system.

Consider that less room is left for fresh air to enter your system as more dust, debris, pet dander, and hair clog the air filter.

It will have a tough time breathing and need a lot more energy. If you’re not careful, this could strain some components and cause a system failure.

The wrong temperature has been set

We’ll be honest: there are moments when it’s so hot here that it’s fantastic that an air conditioner can function.

As the heatwaves pound us down with record-breaking temperatures and excessive humidity, homeowners start lowering their thermostats as much as possible.

Leak of Refrigerant

If your system is having trouble, a refrigerant leak can be blamed. A hissing or bubbling sound, which is the sound of air entering your refrigerant lines and the refrigerant escaping into the atmosphere, can result from this and cause problems.

As your AC works harder to cool your home, you notice a general decline in energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Given that it has less refrigerant at its disposal, it will use more energy. That refrigerant will eventually drop so low that it will not be able to cool your house at all.



Get Help To Fix Any AC Issue With Tempe AC Maintenance Professionals

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