When Do I Call Air Conditioning Service? Tempe AC Repair

Tempe AC Repair

Because you require immediate help, usually within 24 hours, an emergency air conditioning repair may be more expensive. However, it may prevent more significant issues that could cause considerable unforeseen costs. What issues can you classify as emergencies that need immediate repair services?

If your air conditioner displays any of the following systems, call a Tempe air conditioning company immediately.


No Cold Air From Your System

If your air conditioner isn't blowing chilly air, you must contact an air conditioning service. Check the thermostat first if the vent air is warm.

The thermostat must be set to the "cool" position for your system to produce cold air. Check the thermostat next. For your system to produce chilly air, your house must be warmer than the temperature setting on the thermostat.

Call an AC company if your thermostat is set correctly. A qualified HVAC expert can determine what prevents your system from producing cold air.


• Clogged filter

• Frozen evaporator coils

• A compressor problem

Calling for AC repair as soon as you notice a problem is advised. You can help your home's cooling and comfort by calling right away.


Problems With Airflow Need Tempe AC Repair Professionals

Air ducts in your home carry the cooled air your air conditioner produces to the vents. Make an emergency call to an air conditioning service if the vents aren't blowing out enough air.

If the problem is ignored, your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool your house. Likewise, your air conditioner will have to work more to preserve your home if the airflow is restricted.

Your energy costs will go up because of the additional work, and your air conditioner's lifespan will be shortened. Making the first practical call to an air conditioning company can help you prevent these issues.

Usually, reduced airflow results from clogged air ducts. Indoor air quality may be impacted by blocked air ducts. Allergy issues are brought on by airborne debris that circulates when debris builds up.


Difficulty In Getting Cool Air Into Your Tempe, AZ Home.

The inside unit's blower transports cool air to the vents. It will challenge to keep your home cool if the blower isn't functioning correctly, since the cold air won't get to the vents.

Limitations can affect your comfort, your family's health, finances, and the HVAC system; therefore, contact an air conditioning specialist immediately.

The sound of the air conditioner rotating through your Tempe, Arizona home should be hardly audible. This is because any extra noises start an air conditioning service call.

Banging, rattling, and vibrating sounds are indicators of a broken or loose part or an imbalanced fan. You should turn off your system and contact a specialist if it is screaming because there is too much pressure.

Ignoring the issue will cause more damage and an increased repair bill.


Where To Find Help With Tempe AC Repair?

Call Rescue One Air if your air conditioner needs repair and isn't functioning. We have years of experience as a full-service HVAC company. If you're unsure about whether your air conditioner can handle the job at hand or whether AC repair in Tempe is necessary right now, Rescue One Air can help.

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