When Do I Switch Off My AC? Tempe AC Repair

Tempe, Arizona, AC Repair

Over 4 hours are lengthy unless you have an AC issue and want to turn it off for a long time. It's acceptable to turn off your air conditioning when you're at work or when the weather is nice enough that your home doesn't need it.

When you need to shut off your air conditioner more frequently than this, it's time to call Tempe, Arizona, air conditioning repair.


Why Won't My AC Cool Below Warm?

Check whether the condenser is running outside if your air conditioner isn't working. Check that the device is turned on and that your thermostat is set to the setting.

Check to determine whether lowering your thermostat by 10 degrees impacts your air conditioner's capacity to cool. A simple fix that should be investigated if it happens regularly is that your air conditioner has tripped a circuit breaker.

It's conceivable that the motor or compressor on your air conditioner needs to be changed if it won't turn on or if the coils are frozen.


How Can AC Cooling Be Increased?

If your air conditioner turns on and your thermostat is set correctly, but your system still doesn't cool, the air condenser may be obstructed. Finding any rubbish or weeds that can obstruct airflow on the external device is the first step.

After that, confirm again that your filter is still operational. The evaporator coil freezes because of the clogged filter, which restricts airflow. You might need to change your filter more frequently if you have pets or use your air conditioner frequently. To check, take your filter off and see if you can see through it.

You should get professional help if your air conditioner still isn't cooling since you can have a compressor or refrigerant problem.


Tempe, Arizona, AC Repair


Where is My Tempe, Arizona, AC Repair?

Your air conditioner may not be the right size for your home if it is on and properly adjusted, yet your home is still too hot. Remember that your cooling system should be set up to keep your home cool on regular days.

If your air conditioner still struggles to keep up on a steamy summer day, it can be because of a charging problem or a frozen evaporator coil. For example, let's say you want to prevent future expensive repairs, or you need to cool your house fast.

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