Why AC Not Cooling After Power Outage? Chandler AC Repair


Why AC Not Cooling After Power Outage


Why AC Not Cooling After Power Outage. If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cool air after a power outage, look for the circuits that power your cooling system components in your home’s electrical panel. If this is the case, reset the circuit breaker and switch on the air conditioner, although if it doesn’t work, you may need a Chandler, AZ, AC repair service expert.

Your central air conditioning system’s indoor and outdoor components are each operated by their circuit breakers. The breaker trips to shut down the circuit when a surge happens, likely before a storm’s power outage.

Since each component has its breaker, one has likely tripped while the other hasn’t. If the breaker for the outdoor air conditioning components trips but the breaker for the indoor air conditioning components do not, there will be no cold air. If you are unsure, contact Rescue One Air for our AC repair service to check out your AC unit.


AC Repair Service in Chandler for Failed Capacitor

A capacitor starts the compressor of an air conditioner. Surges in power will lead the capacitor to fail. If the capacitor fails during a power outage, the compressor will not restart until the power has been restored.

As a result, the outdoor unit does not conduct heat exchange, but the indoor company usually works. Since the heat exchange process isn’t done with the cooling cycle, the air conditioner isn’t blowing cool air.

By looking into the outdoor device – which resembles a canister on top of the compressor – you can visually measure the capacitor’s state. If the capacitor has blown, the top bulges or leaks an oily liquid. A qualified HVAC technician would need to fix this issue.



AC Unit Isn’t Cooling After Chandler, AZ Power Outage

A power surge may also cause the compressor in your air conditioner to malfunction. There is no heat exchange when the compressor fails because there is no cold air. This is due to the compressor failing to circulate refrigerant through the device, allowing warm air to escape.

Your trusted AC technician from Rescue One Air will inspect the compressor and tell you if it’s been harmed by the power outage. If the compressor has failed, the machine would need a compressor replacement.


Chandler, AZ Quality Air Conditioner Repair Service After Power Outage

If your air conditioner doesn’t start blowing cool air after the power is restored, check the breakers to see if a tripped breaker has cut power to the external device. If your breakers trip after being reset, or if they are on typically but warm air is blowing through your vents, Contact Rescue One Air, or you can complete the minor form below for a fast response.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair service crews in action for further information.


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