Why Air Conditioner Blows Smoke? Tempe AC Repair Answers


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Why air conditioner blows smoke? White smoke or fog may form when cold air collides with warm air from your AC.

Water vapor and moisture are produced when the temperature of the unit falls below its dew point. Then they condense as water droplets in the air, resulting in smoke or fog.

 If the humidity in your home is higher than average, the smoke would be much worse. However, if it's not this, you could need Tempe Air Conditioning Repair.


Why Is My Ac Compressor Smoking?

While white misty smoke coming from your AC vents can be water vapor, it doesn't mean this is the only reason. To ensure this doesn't happen and rule out this, you can ask your Temp Air Conditioning Repair to change the air filter every three months to be safe.


Clogged Drain Holes Need Tempe Air Conditioning Repair

The humidity in your home is reduced by using an air conditioner. However, the moisture must drain somewhere, and if your external drain hole is clogged, the excess condensate will cause fog.

This fog can billow out of the vents inside your home as it becomes backed up in your AC ducts.

Occasionally, dirt and other yard debris can clog your drain hole after a storm. Mold and mildew buildup are also to blame.

If you've already tested your air filters and suspect a clogged drain hole, it's best to have Tempe Air Conditioning Repair look at it as soon as possible. The vapors can be dangerous to inhale depending on the source, particularly if you have mold allergies.


Faulty AC Blower Fan Causes Issues

Cold air is pushed out of your vents by the blower fan. If it fails, the fan will slow down, and cool air will persist, causing steam or fog.

The symptoms of a broken blower fan are like those of a clogged air filter or drain hole. If you put your hand up to the vent and feel the air isn't blowing as hard as it should, it's a blower fan issue.

To fix your AC device, you'll need a Tempe AC repair professional to tune it up. Since the technician inspects and replaces broken components, prevention is the best solution.



Reliable Tempe, AZ Air Conditioning Repair

Ensure your AC compressor is up to the challenge when the temperatures in Tempe, AZ, rise. One of our dependable technicians will check your air conditioner and answer questions.

It's best to address the experts regarding upfront rates, guarantees, and flexible financing options.

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