Why Change Outdoor AC? Tempe, AZ AC Replacement

Why Change Outdoor AC? Tempe, AZ AC Replacement

A professional AC repair service can replace the outdoor condenser if necessary. You may be given a list of four options to pick from.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between replacing the compressor or the entire condensing unit, the outdoor unit. However, it's possible that the project's complexity and cost will increase if the condensing unit and the indoor evaporator coil also need to be replaced.

If your air conditioner's condensing unit, indoor coil, and furnace or air handler are all damaged, you may need to buy all new components.

While it's true that some companies may try to steer you in this route because it's more lucrative for them, it's in your best interest to shop around for the best Air Conditioning Replacement in Tempe, AZ.


Tempe, AZ Air Conditioning Replacement Find The Best

A trustworthy AC repair service would not pressure you into buying a new system. However, if you are looking to replace your air conditioner, the best place to start is with the company that will do the job.

Replacing only the compressor

The compressor inside your outdoor unit is an integral aspect of its operation. Compressor replacement is only required if the original compressor is no longer under warranty. Whenever it breaks, get a new condensing unit.

Unless any of the following are accurate and the compressor is out of warranty, we advise getting a new outer unit.


  • You are currently short on funds, and it is unclear when this situation will improve.
  • Since the compressor itself is still under warranty, all you'll have to pay for is the technician's time to fix it. No other essential parts of your air conditioner/heat pump have malfunctioned.
  • One of the latest improvements was probably a new heater or other indoor equipment.


When To Change Condensing Unit & Coil?

Changing the outside unit instead of the interior coil is like swapping out the engine in an old car. It will get going, but it won't be much use after that.

The following advantages are gained from the additional investment in a new condensing unit and indoor coil:


  1. There has been a new warranty issued.
  2. When both are done, the installation costs are lowered.
  3. The efficiency of the energy system has been increased.
  4. You may be eligible for a rebate.
  5. There is now a lower-cost, higher-quality refrigerant available.


Why Change Outdoor AC? Tempe, AZ AC Replacement

Where To Find Reliable Tempe Air Conditioning Replacement

If you want or need a complete replacement of your air conditioner, you should contact a reputable service provider.

Getting a new AC unit is the most sensible choice financially and practically. The money you save on utilities may cover the cost of the air conditioner's maintenance and repair fees if you work with the provider.

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