Why Do AC Units Often Leak? Tempe AC Repair

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If your air conditioner leaks, your HVAC system may not be up to par. A well-maintained air conditioner shouldn't leak water, but it can.

Identifying and addressing any air conditioner leaks as soon as possible is critical because they can seriously harm your house. The following are seven often occurring causes of air conditioner leaks that you should know and what experts at Rescue One Air Tempe, AZ, are asked to fix.  


Defective Pans

The inside of your air conditioner comprises coils, refrigerant, and a drain pan to collect moisture. The drain pan features a one-way valve so water can go back into the house when the ducting clogs instead of seeping into the garage or outside.

If this valve is damaged or missing, leakage may occur. Tempe, AZ residents with AC leaks, should have Rescue One Air inspect their HVAC system.


Bad Coils

Air conditioner coils bring heat into your home. Unfortunately, copper or aluminum can rust. Not working correctly makes them prone to ice accumulation and leaks.

If they're damaged or have holes, your system won't work correctly. This entails costly repairs and replacements. Make sure your AC can take it to Arizona, where it's scorching. Call a Tempe AC repair professional if you can't fix a leaky coil.


Low AC Coolant

Your AC unit's refrigerant turns outside heat into cool air. This cool air is pumped up through ducts and distributed evenly through smaller outlets. However, insufficient refrigerant or damage can prevent proper cold airflow.

If the refrigerant balance is wrong, your system may accumulate too much moisture, causing leaks. This may cause your AC to hiss or bubble. Rescue One Air will save you the cost of a new unit.


Blocked Filters

When your AC runs, it siphons dust. This dust enters through the vents and collects in the filter. The filter traps household pollutants. The cooling system may overheat if too much dust or the filters are perforated. This will break your AC. In addition, a clogged filter prevents air from passing over the evaporator coil, freezing it. The pan overflows when the frozen coil melts, causing the AC to leak.


Broken Condensate Pump or Float Switch

Water might be challenging to drain when your HVAC unit is in a basement. If the condensate pump stops working, water will build up.

The float switch triggers the condensate pump when water reaches a specified level. Therefore, water will flow into your home if the condensate pump or float switch is faulty. Rescue One Air will help you repair this issue and prevent HVAC moisture leaks.



If you don't maintain your AC, you could cause leaks. Changing the filter is an example. To avoid this, change your filters regularly and use the manufacturer-recommended one.

Annual inspections can discover deterioration before it becomes severe. Consider your HVAC system investment. Rescue One Air will assist Tempe residents in covering maintenance and repairs without unexpected fees.


Tempe AC Repair

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