Why Is My AC Not Turning On? Chandler, AC Repair

AC Repair In Chandler

In the heat, nobody wants a broken air conditioner. The good news is that you may not require specialist aid.

 AC breakdowns can have several causes, but you can troubleshoot before calling a Rescue One Air technician. You’ll learn how to solve and prevent Chandler’s most common air conditioning problems here.


Common Reasons Your AC Won’t Turn On

It’s challenging to determine what caused an issue when your AC operates one minute and won’t turn on the next. Here are a few of the most frequent and straightforward causes of an unresponsive air conditioner:


  • Unclean Air Filters.
  • Dead Batteries In The Thermostat.
  • Blocked Drainpipe.
  • Circuit Breaker Trip.


Other likely causes exist, but many of them can be dangerous if you attempt to DIY any repairs without the skills or tools. The causes, however, are controllable even without professional help. 


Troubleshooting & Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your AC System
It’s simpler than you think to troubleshoot and do preventative maintenance on your air conditioner, even if you’re not an HVAC specialist. Here are some simple techniques for troubleshooting AC issues and averting more concerns:

Besides dirt and debris, clogged air filters can lead to frozen coils, which, if the icy layers grow thicker over time, can prevent your air conditioner from turning on. So check and replace your air filters.

Replace dead batteries and inspect the thermostat. A broken thermostat might cause erroneous readings or complete thermostat failure if you use central air conditioning. You may easily solve this by changing the batteries to get your AC working again.

A clogged condensate drain pipe can get overwhelmed with moisture and lead to AC failure, so check and clean the drain line. To fix this, flush hot water through your pipe once a month.

It’s possible that a power surge occurred and caused a circuit breaker to trip if your home has outdated electrical wiring or if too many electrical appliances were being used at once. That is easily fixed with an off-on reset.


AC Repair In Chandler  

Schedule AC Repair In Chandler With Rescue One Air
If you’ve tried the easy troubleshooting options and your AC isn’t turning on, or you’ve noticed more severe issues with your AC, schedule a repair with a professional HVAC technician.

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