Why Isn’t Furnace Sparking Up? Phoenix AC Maintenance

Why Isn’t Furnace Sparking Up? Phoenix AC Maintenance

It's not as easy as it sounds to turn on a furnace. Although it has been a while, many people still fail to perform AC maintenance in time for the fall and then discover a problem when turning on their furnace.

By doing a few tasks on your own or hiring Phoenix AC maintenance professionals, you may avoid becoming one of them and save money on heating costs and potential repairs.


Air Filters Need Regular Checking

It may seem little, but a dirty filter has a big impact on how effectively your heating and cooling systems work. Your air filter will struggle to draw air from your home if it is blocked with dirt and debris, reducing the quantity of warm air your system can produce.

If your air filter is clogged with dirt and debris, it will be harder for your heating system to generate warm air. You risk significant system damage depending on how long you permit your system to function with a clogged air filter in situ.

How can I tell whether the air filter in my system is blocked? It's great to see a little layer of dust or other debris on your air filter since it signifies the filter is functioning properly. It's time to replace your air filter if it appears thick and blocked. In the future, you should check your air filter to ensure it's clean every one to two months.


Phoenix AC Maintenance Can Test Thermostat

When you program your thermostat to a specific setting, it knows when to activate your heating system and keeps an eye on the indoor temperature of your home. This indicates that you should calibrate your thermostat before turning on your heater.

If the FAN is set to AUTO, only hot air will be blown into your home (automatic). Regardless of how warm the room is, the FAN will blow air when it is switched on.

Long-term effects from this could include discomfort in your home and an overworked blower motor necessitating costly repair. Before turning on the heat, ensure the FAN setting on your thermostat is set to Auto.


Why Isn’t Furnace Sparking Up? Phoenix AC Maintenance

Get Help From Phoenix AC Maintenance To Set Your Heat Settings

Contrary to what you might think, this occurs frequently. It's simple to forget that your thermostat has been set on cool for the past 6-7 months. Ensure your thermostat is set for heating rather than cooling as a last check.

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