Why I’ve Got Ice On My Coils. Tempe AC Maintenance

Tempe AC Maintenance

Understanding why there’s ice on your air conditioner’s coils is critical before utilizing a heater blower to melt it.

Delaying professional Tempe AC maintenance will only worsen things, and ice forming on your air conditioner’s coils is a severe problem.

As we enter the second half of spring, temperatures will continue to rise, necessitating the use of air conditioners. Contact the experts at Rescue One Air to ensure everything is done the first time correctly.


Why Ice Forms On Coils?

Your air conditioner does not require ice to keep your home cold. Consider this: ice is a highly inefficient way of cooling a home, and keeping ice cool takes much more energy than keeping a space like your home cool.

Ice is also wet, and moisture doesn’t mix well with our technology or air quality, so it’s not a good friend to an HVAC technician. It can, however, appear on an air conditioner’s coil for various causes.

The following are some of the most likely causes of ice buildup on your AC’s outdoor cabinet:

  • The air filter has to be replaced since it is clogged. A blocked air filter contributes significantly to stagnant air since it inhibits your system’s ventilation. If the air cools but cannot move, it will cool until everything around it freezes. Replace your air filter if the situation persists.
  • There has been a refrigerant leak in the system. When there is less refrigerant in an air conditioner, it will cycle faster and for a shorter time. The refrigerant may become abnormally cold due to not performing at total capacity, causing ice to form.
  • The fan system isn’t working correctly. It will freeze temperatures in a short region if there isn’t a fan to move the cold air out of the system and into your home.
  • The coils are filthy now. Dirty coils cannot absorb heat, but clean coils can absorb it. This shows that your filthy coils may aid ice development.

Ice is a serious problem. It doesn’t matter how chilly it is outside; your home’s cooling isn’t evenly distributed!

Ice can also melt over time, leaving you with many moisture problems to cope with.


Where To Find Tempe AC Maintenance To Avoid Unexpected Coil Repairs

Our experience can help you figure out what’s causing the issue. In the worst-case scenario, your system will break down and require replacement.

However, we may be able to fix the unit, recharge any leaking refrigerant, and otherwise provide a boon that permits it to operate for another season.

To be sure you get your AC fixed in the shortest possible time, Contact Rescue One Air to schedule maintenance or find out more about the best AC maintenance services in your home or office. You can complete the compact form below for a fast response.

You can check out our customer reviews or browse through the Rescue One Air video library to see our AC repair crews in action for further information.

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