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Do you find you can’t turn off your furnace? Or have you detected a peculiar pattern in the on/off switching of your furnace? If you recognize these problems, your furnace is short cycling or has an airflow problem. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify the pattern of your furnace’s on/off switching to identify the likely problem.


  • If your heater repeatedly turns on and off before going off
  • If your furnace continuously turns on and off without ever completely shutting off


Experts from Rescue One Air will explain in more detail below. We’ll connect you to our team of qualified technicians so you can get these issues resolved as quickly as possible.



If Your Furnace Shuts Off

After turning it on and off several times, airflow is probably a problem if your furnace eventually shuts off permanently. To heat and circulate back into your home, furnaces require a constant flow of cold air entering the unit.

Without sufficient airflow, your furnace will overheat and heat just itself. Your furnace will shut down entirely if the interior temperature rises too high, activating the limit switch safety feature. Tempe AC repair professionals face this daily.

Furnaces will repeatedly try to turn up after the limit switch is activated before permanently turning off. Typically, this issue shouldn’t persist, but if it does, the following factors may contribute to your furnace’s airflow problems:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Closed air vent supply
  • Clogged intake or exhaust vent


If The Furnace Turns On And Off Continuously

Short cycling is the process of your furnace going on and off repeatedly without entirely shutting off. The phrase indicates precisely what it suggests: your furnace operates in shorter, more demanding cycles, which can be costly and damage your system.

Two issues usually cause this short cycle: 

  • Thermostat problems 
  • Incorrect (oversized) sized furnace


Thermostat Problems

The ability of your furnace to turn off might be because of its location. Your thermostat regulates the temperature of your home and the entire HVAC system. It will instruct the furnace to keep running if it cannot accurately detect the indoor temperature—even as it rises—because of poor placement in your home or a malfunction. 

Please make sure there are no drafty windows or tight corners close to your thermostat that could interfere with its ability to gauge your home’s temperature accurately.

You should hire a Tempe AC repair expert to perform a diagnostic check if the thermostat is ideally positioned.


An Oversized Furnace

An excessive furnace is too big for the size of a home. However, it will heat your home quickly before turning it off because it is significant.

While quickly warming your home may seem like the best option in cold weather, repeatedly running your furnace on shorter, more demanding cycles can be highly harmful to it. Your furnace and pocketbook will use much more energy when you frequently turn it on and off and heat it up quickly in short bursts.

Your home is heated more gradually but thoroughly to remain comfortable, and your HVAC system isn’t overworked.


Tempe AC Repair with Rescue One Air

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