Why You Use A regular AC Tune Up. Phoenix AC Maintenance

Why You Use A regular AC Tune Up. Phoenix AC Maintenance

An AC unit tune-up can help you save a lot of money. Besides receiving a thorough examination at a reduced cost, a trained eye can identify problems before they become expensive repairs.

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Inspection Of The Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line will be examined as part of a comprehensive AC tune-up. Your HVAC contractor will flush water down the condensate drain to make sure it is clear of debris and will check for clogs and loose connections.

Clogged drain lines may cause issues with your air conditioner and property damage. The water cannot drain out of the air conditioner if it is blocked or damaged. Most units have sensors that turn the air conditioner off if water cannot drain.


Interior Check Of The Air Conditioning Unit

A thorough inspection of the inside is essential to ensure that every part of the air conditioning unit is operating correctly.

The air handler, ductwork, vents, flues, burners, heat exchangers, and gas pressure should all be inspected by the HVAC technician. The Rescue One Air technician will find concealed defects with the aid of a thorough inspection.

Most homeowners call Rescue One Air, as peering inside can be pretty daunting.


The Inspection Of Ductwork

The technician will inspect the ductwork while performing an AC unit tune-up on your home. Airflow can be hampered by dirty ducts, which collect dust and bacteria.

The air in your home is then exposed to these contaminants, which may have adverse health effects. The technician will also examine the electrical controls and thermostats to ensure they are in good working order.

The technician will also inspect and look for carbon monoxide leaks if your appliance is an older model with a gas furnace or an oil-burning system.

The effectiveness of your AC unit depends on the ductwork. Your AC unit may operate less efficiently, and mold may develop in your home due to dirty ducts.


Examining The Compressor

The compressor should be examined as part of an AC unit tune-up. Your home or office's cooling system is a compressor. Your system might need to be fixed if the compressor is broken or leaking.

A skilled Rescue One Air AC maintenance technician will identify problems. They can, for instance, determine the temperature difference between the air inside your house and the air coming in through an outdoor vent.


Why You Use A regular AC Tune Up. Phoenix AC Maintenance

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Cleaning, inspection, and service are all included in a typical AC tune-up. Depending on the issues during the inspection stage, the service may also involve repairs.

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